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The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia (GZS) launched a catalogue presenting the most distinguished achievements of Slovenian civil engineering in recent years. The catalogue's main goal is to promote the Slovenian construction industry abroad.

Today the construction sector companies in Slovenia employ over 65,000 employees in 6,800 companies, 56 of which are large companies and 78 medium-sized companies. Their total revenue in 2010 was 5,2 billion euros. There are approximately 3,600 people employed in 208 companies within the building materials sector, 6 of which are considered as large and 16 as medium-sized companies. In 2010, the building materials industry revenue amounted to approximately 500 million euros. The fulfillment of requirements of the EU building legislation and its thorough understanding as well as knowledge as regards the transfer and implementation of EUROCODEs, the FIDIC international contract provisions, design of sustainable structures and production of sustainable building products – the combination of the aforementioned points marks the profile of excellence of Slovene construction companies and organisations. In addition, Slovene companies excel in a carefully designed industrial production and business operations, attested and monitored with inter national certificates of quality, in keeping track of the latest guidelines concerning the protection of the environment and awareness of its importance, as well as in their socially responsible business operations. The high quality of engineering knowledge passed on to students at Slovene higher education institutions, which boast rich tradition and keep up with the state-of-the-art technical achievements and development trends, is also worthy of respect and praise. International awards for architecture and a countrywide mosaic of architectural diversity of structures, adapted to different climate types (zones) in Slovenia make the Slovene construction sector unique while uniting contractors, building material manufacturers, engineering companies, and project design as well as architectural bureaus. The majority of them are presented in this catalogue.

You are kindly invited to look through the Business Partner Catalogue and use it when you are searching for high quality and a reliable partner in construction business. The e-version of the catalogue is available heret:

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