Chamber of Construction and Building Materials Industry of Slovenia

CCIS and CCIS CCBMIS projects

Check CCIS`s overview of all present and past national and European projects.
Past CCIS CCBMIS projects: RIBI, PROFILI, SODICO, ISO-CONSTRUCTBU.G.S.: Building Green Skills BUILD HEALTHILY - Promotion of preventive practices to reduce muscular skeletal disorders among construction workers (2015-2016), national co-financed project (by ZZZS).

CCIS CCBMIS projects:
- SSHH: Soft Skills for Hard Hats - Developing managerial skills for construction(Erasmus+), 2016-2018, Check the project results>>
- SKILLCOSkills sector alliances for transfer of knowledge and skills of VET workforce in construction (Erasmus+, Sector skills alliance), 2016-2019
- WINAPPWinapp SHORT INFO: Work process oriented, interactively enhanced and APP supported learning and training in construction VET in Europe (Erasmus+), 2016-2018
VET4LEC: Inclusive Vocational Education and Training, DG EMPL, 2017-2019, About>>>, Current research (2017) >>>
- UPP GAMES: Project for the learning of Basic Health and Safety skills on Works at Height through Serious Games (app), 2018-219, Erasmus+


CCIS CCBMIS is interesting to be project partner in new project ideas (Erasmus + , DG EMPL social dialogue calls, COSME, Interreg Programme, Horizoni2020 ...).

Please send your project proposals or project invitations to or or make a telephone call to: + 386 1 5898 246 or + 386 1 5898 418.

CCBMIS shortly:

          Representing interests of the construction industry

          Key statistics information for the construction companies and entreprenuers

          Proposals for sectoral legislation changes

          Social (sectoral) partner

          Organizations of sectoral events and training

          Involved in national education and training for construction industry

          Promotion of good foreign sectoral good practices

          Active FIEC member (